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Maaysa SS

Ansata Safeer x Mashaana Al Zamet / Salaa El Dine

   Straight Egyptian mare born the 1. April 2008

Photo : April Visel

We hereby welcome you at Stutteri Svanemosen

We hope you will enjoy the following pages.

If you are interested in further information regarding our horses or breeding program, 

we will look forward to hear from you !

We occasionally offer horses for sale - call or write for our saleslist !

The Stud, that was established in 1985, has a very beautiful surroundings near Svanemosen close to Kolding. .

Our purpose of breeding is an Arabian horse that is not just beatiful that  do well in shows but also a horse that can be used for riding. Therefore it pleases us that our offspring has sold not only for breeding and showing but also for riding purposes, mainly for distance riding. Vi use Natural Horsemanship in working with our horses and we enjoy their fine temperament and sweet nature.

The well beeing of our horses mean everything to us. Our horses enjoy outside life every day of the year.

 It is essential for us to feed our horses the with the best products available.  Every winter we give them a special supply of herbs and they have always access to Himalaya lickstones.

 Since the early start we have resently changed our breeding program towards a Straight Egyptian program.

All our horses are tested clear for CA.

If you have comments or questions, you are very welcome to contact us on email or 

phone + 45  75 59 41 13.

At Stutteri Svanemosen you are always very welcome !

Best regards

Helle Nielsen

Email:  Phone + 45   75 59 41 13

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Ibra and Dachee enjoying the snow !

Foto : Helle Nielsen