Our stunning filly Ayar SS on a lovely day in May.

Emiratus B x Ameenah El Chamsin

Maaysa SS was gold champion in West Coast cup - "Straight Egyptian senior mares".

Photo -Maaysa SS by Cathy Tamsin

For sale!

Stunning Straight Egyptian yearling filly with flawless pedigree

Ayar SS is by Emiratus B and Ameenah El Chamsin and almost entirely from Babolna lines. With her rare Bint Inas hoppelinie she is interesting for the breeder looking for something special and with her looks she is well suited for the showring.

Contact us at or telephone 0045 - 75594113 for more information.

August 2016

Maaysa SS was senior Straight Egyptian mare at the West Coast cup.

Thanks to Glenn and Alexandra for the great job you have done with Maaysa SS!

Photo : Cathy Tamsin

New email blast forMaaysa SS andAyar SS!

1000 thanks to Kim De Brouwer from Schoukens Trainingcenter and Elvis Guighera from Arabian Essence!



 July 2016

We have new pictures of the yearling filly Ayar SS!

She is just gorgeous! We are proud to offer this beatiful filly FOR SALE!

Please contact us for further information 75594113

March 2016

Our beatiful colt Marzouk SS is sold to Piet Lavrijsen in Belgium. Marzouk SS has a bright future ahead of him as a coming breedingstallion.

Our lovely mare Ameenah El Chamsin is sold to Germany and enjoys her new life.

Our pride Maaysa SS is in show training at Schoukens Training Center and we look forward to show her.



October 2015

Our gorgeous yearling filly Mouhra SS ( Amir SS x Maaysa SS) has arrived well in her new home inEngland with Jeanette Mackenzie.

We wish them a wonderful life together and can't wait to see them in the showring.

And this is Ayar SS our incredible filly by Emiratus B and Ameenah El Chamsin



July 2015

We just recieved the great news that Dahmer ( Amir SS x Durrah SS ) won his class in Egyptian related offspring at the prestigious show in Malvern in England. At the same show Durrah SS was third in the mare class of  Egyptian related.

We congratulate Jeanette with the great success!

May 2015

Ameenah El Chamsin has foaled the most beatiful filly the 22.May by Emiratus B. We have named her Ayar SS which means May in Arabic language.

Here she is 1 day old!

May 2015

Maaysa SS has given us the most beatiful colt by Amir SS

We have named him Marzouk SS. Marzouk means blessed. He is truly blessed!

May 2015

We congratulate Therese with the purchase of our beatiful Aziz SS.

We wish them all the best in the future.

April 2015

Our gorgeous Maaysa SS!

February 2015

We long for spring and the coming foals!

Ameenah El Chamsin is in foal to Emiratus B and

Maaysa SS is in foal to our own Amir SS.

This will be a full sibling to our beatiful and sweet filly Mouhra SS from 2014!

Mouhra SS

Photo : Helle

September 2014

Our gorgeous broodmare Ameenah El Chamsin ( Teymur B x Bint Amer/ Salaa El Dine)


July 2014

We congratulate Jeanette Mackenzie with the succes at the show in Malvern!

Durrah SS ( Al Aaqib Al Zamet x Dachee) and her son Dahmeer by our stallion Amir SS participated

in the show in Malvern  in England last weekend.

Durrah SS is now "Premium Graded Mare" and her son

Dahmeer was second in his yearling class, they won for "Best Amateur" and he also won "Egyptian Related Junior".

Needless to say we were very proud and send all our best wishes for a bright future to them!

Durrah SS


July 2014

Our mares are confirmed pregnant!

Ameenah El Chamsin is pregnant to  Emiratus B

Emiratus B is a wonderful stallion by El Thay Mameluk and 223 Ibn Galal I.

He is bred at Babolna and owned by Sabine Von Elm.

Maaysa SS is checked pregnant to Amir SS

We could not resist to do a full sibling to Mouhra S who has fulfilled all our dreams!

Amir SS ( FA Medu Neter x Ameenah El Chamsin)

We congratulate Merete Haahr! Her black mares Nordine and Staright Egyptian Souhel is confirmed pregnant to Amir SS - we look forward to see the foals in 2015!!!!

June 2014

Mouhra SS is everything we had dreamed of - extremely beatiful, correct with the sweetest personality. And then she also has the pedigree of the lines we cherish the most!

Photo : Helle

April 2014

We have a new foal on the farm!

An adorable filly by Amir SS and Maaysa SS

It was our highest wish that we got a filly so we have named her Mouhra SS which means "filly" in Arabic.

Photo : Helle