Photo : April Visel

Maaysa SS

( Ansata Safeer x Mashaana Al Zamet )

Born the 1st April 2008

Straight Egyptian

Maaysa SS is the youngest daughter of Mashaana Al Zamet and we are extremely happy with her.

She is divinely typy with amazing presence attitude and movement and a very sweet disposition!

Maaysa SS is the only ofspring in Skandinavia by the gorgeous stallion Ansata Safeer and we are so proud that we could use him in our breeding program.

Maaysa SS was shown at the Egyptian Event Europe and was second in strong class with 90,89 points.

She was Senior Champion mare at the West Coast Cup for Straigh Egyptians!

Maaysa SS is pregnant to Richter MH  for a 2017 foal!

Richter MH ( El Halimaar x Fasarra )

US og Canadisk Top Ten Futurity Stallion

Egyptian Event World Class stallion og Reserve Supreme Champion Stallion

Egyptian Event Europe Senior Champion Stallion

Avlet af Jody Cruz og ejet af Al Khaled Farm, KSA


Mashaana Al Zamet ( Salaa El Dine x Malysha )

Exp. Al Khaled Farm Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Photo : Helle


In Memoriam

(Ibn Zareefa x Sheher)

Born: 19.05.1988-28.01.2013

Dachee is an extremely beatiful mare with exquisite type and movements and the most adorable temperament. 

Traits that she passes on to all her foals.

In the showring she achieved among other results 89,00 points and Classwinner at the National Championshow in Kgs. Tisted, Denmark in 2000.

Photo : Helle

With a heavy heart we had to say goodbye to our beloved mare Dachee in February 2013. She would have turned 25 in May this year.  Dachee was born here at the stud and has given us so many sweet memories during the years beeing of the sweetest and gentle nature.

 She gave us many beatiful foals - several of them living far away from Denmark. Dachee had her last foal, Dubaia SS in 2008 and since then she enjoyed the quiet life.

The last she had the great pleasure of spending time with her grandson Dinar SS and we have enjoyed to her watch over him and care for him.

Dachee always made a lasting impression on the visitors here and nobody could resist to be called to her box - mostly because she banged the door until everybody hurried to cherish her!

Dear Dachee - we will never forget you.

"Your sweet and gentle nature

the kindness in your eye

the softness of your muzzle

that neighed to me every day

Thank you for your trust in me

And those memories held so dear

A special bond meant just for us

will be treasured year after year

I loved you then - I love you now

My dear, sweet, sensitive girl

My heart it breaks to say goodbye

At it cannot tell a lie

The candle flame burns brightly for you now

And will forever more

Gallop with the wind my princess

on that sunny ocean shore"

Photo : Helle



Ibra 1996.JPG (18496 bytes)

(R D Misha x Ibeka/Emin)
1987 - 2008
Photo: Hannah Andersson

Ibra possesses a wonderful temperament and an extremely good exterior. She is an extremely good broodmare and her foals are sought amongst other special traits for their temperament and riding abilities. 

Ibra herself is western trained and has for many years been Helle's very good partner.

Ibra's damline goes back to the rarely seen, Achental family. 

She traces back, through her grandmother, the German ELITE-mare Inazzah, to one of best known - Isabell.



Classwinner at C-show in Gilleleje, Denmark