September 2012

We want to congratulate Al Khaled Farm Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the purchase of the truly amazing mare

Mashaana Al Zamet!

We wish them lots of happiness!


Add in The Arabian Magazine March 2011


Mashaana Al Zamet im the snow....


Maalikah SS in Texas

Photo : Carol Maginn

August 2009

We have visited Dali SS ( El Mokari x Dachee ) with his new owner Michael Dam.

And we are so happy that Dalí SS is looking better than ever ...

Photos : Helle


September 2008

At the distance competition "Vesterhavsridtet" Per Poulsen and Mandel SS won the 45 km class and Susanne Therkelsen compleeted the class with  Icon SS.


Here is a lovely picture of Per and Mandel SS...


May 2008

Al Aaqib Al Zamet is enjoying life to the fullest at Al Zobair Stud farm in Sharjah, UAE !

We wish HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammad Al Thani lots of joy and happiness with the beatiful babies sired by Aaqib in Sharjah.

And at the same time we think back at the wonderful 3 years we spent with Aaqib here, thanks to Susanne and Ingo Schreibvogel !

Photo : Susanne Schreibvogel


Al Aaqib Al Zamet

Photo : Melanie Groger

Straight Egyptian

Dahman Shawan - Tamria line

From 2002 - 2005 we were lucky to lease the straight egyptian stallion Al Aaqib Al Zamet by Ashhal Al Rayyan and Muniah. 

Aaqib is bred and owned by Susanne and Ingo Schreibvogel, Al Zamet, Germany.

Al Aaqib Al Zamet came to our farm as a weanling and spent 3 years with us. Aaqib will stay in our hearts always and these happy days  we will never forget.

During those years we got to know the wonderful horse he is. Not only beatiful but he posseses all the qualities his family is famous for, a wonderful easygoing and kind disposition, always happy, always trying his best.

On top of that comes his amazing movements in all 3 gaits. All these qualities we see now in his foals.

In the fall 2005 Aaqib graduated basic riding training with flying coulours !  

Aaqib is now on lease to Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammad Bin Ali Al Thani at his studfarm Al Zobair in Sharjah / UAE.

Al Aaqib Al Zamet 

Photo : Susanne Schreibvogel

December 2006

This is Irfan SS and his new "mom" Annbrit - talk about love......



The 10th August 2006

At the Vesterhavs - ride the 2nd September the Svanemosen bred gelding Icon SS by Wadim and Ibra

 won the LB class of 45 km.

Here is Icon with his owner Susanne on their way to the victory !

We congratulate them from all our heart.


The 19th. August 2006

Egytian Related  filly Durrah SS ( Al Aaqib Al Zamet x Dachee ) !


Photo : Helle Nielsen

The 17th.  August 2006

At the "Djurslandsdistanceride" the 12th July 3 horses bred at Svanemosen participated! - And with very good results !

Mandel SS ( Endel x Chemia ) and Per Poulsen were second in i LB Democlass 39 km .

Icon SS ( Wadim x Ibra ) and Susanne Therkelsen were second in LB pointgiving 39 km free time. 

Both Mandel and Icon were beaten by very few seconds !

In LC class 28 km ideal time democlass Impulls SS ( Desant x Ibra ) with Maya Holmen completed in a very nice time!

We are so proud of them all and wish them a good end of the season !

We have borrowed this wonderful picture of Per and Mandel in their ride  - this picture says it all !

The 5th  August 2006

Maalik SS

Straight Egyptian colt

Al Aaqib Al Zamet x Mashaana Al Zamet


Photo : Helle Nielsen

The10th  July

Mashaana Al Zamet ( Salaa El Dine x Malysha )

Straight Egyptian mare

Photo : Helle Nielsen

This is the gelding Icon SS and his owner  Susanne after they finished a 50 km distance ride in perfect condition.

Icon is bred at our stud and he is out of Wadim and Ibra.

We wish Susanne and Icon many more lovely rides in 2006 !

Photo : unknown


May 2006

Endelig blev det forår !

Our wonderful yearling filly, Maalikah SS by Al Aaqib Al Zamet out of  Mashaana Al Zamet

enjoys the sun and the grass........

Photos : Helle Nielsen


This picture was mailed from Sigve who bought Izmira SS ( Khaszmir x Icesana SS ) last year. It is clear that Izmira has a great life in Norway.

Aamera SS( Al Aaqib Al Zamet x Ameenah El Chamsin / Teymur B )


The 16th  March 2006

In the weekend I paid a visit to Dalí SS ( El Mokari x Dachee )

He is doing extremely well with Juliette - I guess it shows !

Dalí SS can be seen at the Stallions Day, Sjælland


Photos : Helle Nielsen

The.13th of February 2006

This is Firalek SS by Ashelek and Indira.

Firalek is born here at Svanemosen and is now 16 years old.

He has jumped MB courses and here he is with his owner Siri Petersen at a jumping event in the summer 2005 where they achieved a third place in the LA.

We are happy with the pictures and wish Siri and Firalek many happy years.

The 21th of January  2006

Irfan SS 

Al Aaqib Al Zamet x Ibra

Dkakir SS ( Al Aaqib Al Zamet x Dachee ) and Irfan SS

Photos : Helle Nielsen

Then came the snow  ...........


Mashaana Al Zamet - our Snowqueen....


Dkakir SS 

Egyptian Sired - colt born June 2005

 Al Aaqib Al Zamet x Dachee 

Photo : Helle Nielsen


Our prescious Mashaana Al Zamet ( Salaa El Dine x Malysha )

Photo : Melanie Groger

Dalí SS ( El Mokari x Dachee )

Photo : Monica Petersen


Maalikah SS ( Al Aaqib Al Zamet x Mashaana Al Zamet )

Ren ægyptisk hoppeføl 

Photo : Helle Nielsen

Irfan SS 

Egytian Related bay colt born 2005 

(Al Aaqib Al Zamet x Ibra)

Photo : Helle Nielsen

The last summers some wood pecker families tried to eat us out of the house -

as many as 8 woodpeckers visited at the same time !

Photo : Helle Nielsen

"Rumle" and ..........


May we introduce  - the real bosses at Svanemosen........

Photo : Helle Nielsen

Picture from the winter 2003 - Dalí SS and Al Aaqib Al Zamet enjoying the snow

Photo : Helle Nielsen


Caliber SS grey gelding born 1999 by Wadim out of Camellia / Bomarc