Offspring by Maaysa SS

Photo : April Visel

Results : GOLD champion mare at the West Coast cup - Straight Egyptian mares 2016 at the Egyptian Event Europe 2009 with 90,89 points.

Maya SS

Maaysa has foaled a beatiful filly by Richter MH.

We are so happy with this prescious girl!

Will turn grey.

Marzouk SS 

SOLD to Belgium

Bay colt - may turn grey

Born the 10th. May 2015

Marzouk means blessed in Arabic language and we feel this is the right name for him.

We are so please with yet another Amir SS foal.

Mouhra SS

SOLD to England

Bay filly

Born the 9th. April 2014

We are thrilled with this new member of our equine family. She is exquisite!

Malakeh SS

Chestnut filly - will become grey

 13. April 2013 - 17.May 2013

She was here only shortly but we will never forget her.

Photo : Helle

Offspring by Ameenah El Chamsin

Ameenah El Chamsin ( Teymur B x Bint Amer )

Photo : Helle Nielsen

Ayar SS ( Emiratus B x Ameenah El Chamsin)

Chestnut filly born the 22May 2015

We are enchanted by this foal. She is all we ever wanted from this mating.

Here is her lovely dad:

Emiratus B.

Photo : Joanna Jonientz, Germany

Photo : Helle

Aziz SS (Ansata Nile Echo x Ameenah El Chamsin)


Chestnut ( will turn grey) colt born the April 2012.

We are more than pleased with this beatiful colt ! He is everything we dreamed of!  

Ansata Nile Echo

( Ansata Hejazi x Ansata White Nile)

Bred bu Ansata USA. Owned by Al Naif Stud Qatar

Photo: Glenn Jacobs



Photo : Helle

Summer 2010

Amir SS ( FA Medu Neter x Ameenah El Chamsin)

Stallion born chestnut will turn grey

Born of July 2008

We are totally happy about this colt and cannot wait to see him grow up here!

Amir SS has a very exciting pedigree as both FA Medu Neter and Ameenah share the same damline !


Aamera SS

Exp. Kuwait

Summer 2010

Photo : Helle Nielsen

Aamera SS ( Ameenah El Chamsin x Al Aaqib Al Zamet )

Black ( will turn grey  ) filly born the.9th of  January 2006

Straight Egyptian  - Dahman Shawan  Farida

Ameenah has surpassed all expectations as a broodmare with this extremely beatiful daughter.

Aamera SS has a very interesting pedigree as both sire and dam has crosses to the famous mare Tamria.


Aamera SS february 2006

Photo : Helle Nielsen

Offspring by Dachee

Dachee  ( Ibn Zareefa  x Sheher ) Domestic bred

May 2009

Photo : Helle Nielsen

Dubaia SS - July 2009

Photo : Gregor Aymar

Export Germany

Dubaia SS

Bay filly born the 15th of July 2008

Photo : Helle

Exp. England

Durrah SS ( Al Aaqib Al Zamet x Dachee )

Grey filly born the 24th. May 2006 

Results : Classwinner at the Danish Nationals 2009

Dkakir SS ( Al Aaqib Al Zamet x Dachee ) 

Grey colt born June 2005

Photo : Helle Nielsen


Degás SS ( LM Polaris x Dachee )

Grey stallion born the 3rd. June 2004

Sold with out papers 

Dalí SS ( El Mokari x Dachee ) 

Photo : Helle

Grey stallion born the 3rd  June 2002


Diwa SS ( El Mokari x Dachee )

Photo: Helle Nielsen

  Grey mare born the 18th May 2001

Export Norway

Dachar SS ( Khaszmir x Dachee )

Photo: Helle Nielsen

Grey stallion born the 4th May 1999

Export Norway

Offspring by Durrah SS


Photo : Gregor Aymar

Durrah SS ( Al Aaqib Al Zamet x Dachee)

Durrah SS has already with her first foal proven that she is an outstanding broodmare.

Her colt Dinar SS by our own stallion Amir SS is beyond our wildest expectations !

Dinar SS is born the 18.July 2012. He is born black but will turn grey.

Photo : Helle


Offspring by Ibra

Ibra ( RD Misha x Ibeka )

Photo : Hannah Anderson

Irfan SS

( Al Aaqib Al Zamet x Ibra / RD Misha )

Brown colt Egyptian Sired born the 29. April 2005


Irfan SS - July 2006

Foto : Laura Gosch

Impulls SS

Foto : Helle Nielsen

( Desant x Ibra/RD Misha)

Grey stallion born the 16th April 2001

Icon SS

( Wadim x Ibra )

Foto : Helle Nielsen

Brown stallion born the 16th April 1999